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Here are the latest 10 Exclusives from the Codesouth resident DJs. Enjoy!

Sami Kubu

Sami Kubu
      Minimal, Tech House, Techno

New EP from Sami Kubu. Studio.

New EP from Sami Kubu featuring a remix from Lory D.Kay out as Beatport exclusive Feb 10th

Recorded: December 1, 2016 | Format: Logic X & outboard | Equipment used: Logic X, Maschine, outboard

Sami Kubu

Sami Kubu
      House, Tech House, Techno

New EP. Studio.

EP out on now on Beatport

Recorded: July 1, 2016 | Format: Logic X & outboard | Equipment used: Logic X, Maschine, Axiom 49

Sami Kubu

Sami Kubu
      Tech House, Techno

New EP. Home Studio.

Out on CTM Recordings November 8th

Recorded: August 10, 2016 | Format: Logic X | Equipment used: Logic X, Maschine


      Drum & Bass

Radio Show. Codesouth.FM.

Recorded: March 17, 2016 | Format: ddjsx2 | Equipment used: DDjsx-2


      Bass, Drum & Bass

Special Record Release. Volks Night Club Brighton.

Recorded: March 4, 2016 | Format: DDjsx2 | Equipment used: ddjsx-2


      Bass, Deep House, House

Remix. My studio.

Recorded: November 18, 2015 | Format: Logic | Equipment used: logic Pro

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