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Brunonumerouno cut his Dj’ing teeth on South African Clubbing scene. He first started spinning the wheels of steel way back in 1994. Starting at private parties as he was too young to land gigs in night clubs, he quickly developed a reputation for impeccable taste in music as well flawless technical ability. Able to respond to any crowds’ needs on any dance floor. Once old enough to start playing in clubs, raves and private after parties, he quickly started to establish residencies all around Johannesburg. In additition to the club residencies, he established his own regular Friday Night Deep House venue, the first in Johannesburg. In 1999 Brunonumerouno took the decision to move to the UK to broaden his horizons and pit himself against the finest Dj’ing talent around. He started playing at all sorts of nights in Brighton, establishing several residencies at reputable venues. He also secured a position at Covert Records, the south coast’s premier Techno, Deep House and Electro record shop. While there, he took it upon himself to learn from the best around, and be influenced by some of the finest talent in and around Brighton. Soon, he developed the same reputation as he had in South Africa for his fine taste in music as well as brilliant technical ability. His lively and energetic sets have been compared to those of the legendary Dj Marky and have proved to be the life of all parties he has played at. He has had a limited Deep House Release and is currently in the studio at any given opportunity producing in order to release in the near future. He hosts a very popular weekly breakfast show on www.codesouth.fm, The Friday Wake & Bake. His hunger, technical ability, taste and energy have proven to be an asset to any promoter, anywhere he has played. This man will rock you and impress you every time he plays, but the proof is only in the pudding, so book him see for yourself!

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