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Marcus Lee

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I got into DJing at the age of 14 after listening to rave tape packs and visiting the local record shop and buying vinyl. After a short while I finally got some turntables and learnt how to mix, it was a struggle as you had to push these things to keep them in time. I learnt all different genres but had a huge passion for House & Garage. Music and DJing is my passion. It is my outlet for creativity. Whether I am teaching my self to play guitar or mixing records I put everything into it. I now play Deep House and Deep Tech and am loving all the new music coming out right now.. My influences growing up were DJ's who weren't afraid to try something different, guys like MJ Cole and Grant Nelson with they're huge back catalog of productions ranging from deep house to 2 step garage. My main influences had to be my friends, we pushed eachother harder and drew from our passion and energy for the music we were playing. I have DJayed alongside E.Z and Jason Kaye at various nights and played on a number of radio stations. (Impact, Blaze, KickFM) I am currently working on my producing and after only a few months of learning the software have a few tracks in the pipeline and I are sounding pretty good. In the future I'm planning on playing out more and getting some of my tracks signed to a label. See you the DANCEFLOOR xx

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Cant Live Without You


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