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started to Dj back when I was 15 or so playing hard house. used to go clubbing at least twice a week to watch pro djs then go home and practice what id seen. took me about 2 years to perfect playing vinyl. then went on to play clubs and squat parties in and around London. moved to Brighton back in 08 and meet up with some guys who put on parties in warehouses and fields it was there I got my confidence to play out again. been on and off of code south over the years. Played at illusive festival back in 2017 which has been my biggest achievement also played a lot at the volks in Brighton along with promoting the night soundclash between 2014 and 2019 where i had the likes of mark eg, Chris liberator, mandidextrous and lots of other big names come play for me. Went to frechtek back in 2018 and played on various sound systems. Well in to the free party scene and will continue to be as long as I live.

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