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SAWYL, a London born producer of hard industrial and driving techno.
SAWYL decided to pursue Techno after living in Ibiza for the summer season, since then SAWYL's sound has evolved to become more hard and driving sound whilst experimenting with sound design. A lover of all genres SAWYL takes influence from all forms of media and culture around him whether its a sample from a film he's watched, a video he's seen online or even field recordings SAWYL takes time on his sound design and keeps an open mind when it comes to all things music. SAWYL has seen his tracks gain more traction in recent months with strong support on his first release "Hyps Dont Lie" which was released as a free download in 2020. 2021 brings plenty more music to look forward to from SAWYL with upcoming releases on Normative, Laburnum & Khazad later this year.

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Codey South

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Cant Live Without You


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Sam Richards
Sam Richards
Sam Richards

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