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A music lover who grew up listening to Reggae (mum), my first memories would probably be the Jungle scene, being from London I was influenced by the people that I grew up around so was naturally converted by way of osmosis to enjoy and start to like the music that "the older lot" were listening to in the youth clubs. I still have a smile on my face when I think about the stations like 'Kool FM' and 'Freak FM' which were predominantly my favourite stations to listen to (there were of course others). I have a massive soft spot for the "Old Skool Jungle" and that will never leave and to be fair, when I think about it, this is the music that started everything off for me! I became engrossed in the Garage music that I was listening to and started collecting records, WAAAAAY before I ended up getting my decks, I used to spend hours upon hours trudging around Soho visiting various record shops, mainly 3, those being 'Blackmarket Records' and 'Uptown Records' which are both on the same street, but my main record shop was a place that is sadly no longer there called 'Release The Groove' I spent so much time (and money) there it is crazy, I even used to drag my mum around there with me sometimes. Shnucklz is derived from the word Knuckles, but simply with a Shh in front of it and with a creative change in the spelling,

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A Very Codesouth Lunchbreak

12:00 to 14:00

Cant Live Without You


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