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Joey Ward fresh and “back on the scene”

Having dipped in and out of the underground music scene in Brighton for the past two decades Joey always had a bubbling desire to be able to share their love for music. After an extended hibernation they have fully thrown themselves into the fold emerging as a committed techno genre activist. unTward has finally been born.... Surrounded by some of the best Techno DJs the local scene has to offer, Joey is now branching out on to their own show on SoundLab Radio and also doing guest features on CodeSouth.FM. In 2021, having secured themselves a place on the Electronic Music and Business BA in their hometown of Brighton, they are on a path to produce and play music as their main career and passion! Joey is massively driven by their undeniable passion for music. Their unbreakable desire to succeed in one aim; to share the music they are passionate about with others.

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