Beano shows


Beano us a drum and bass Dj based closest to Brighton. She has been mixing for the past 3 years and playing out since April 2022. Over this time, she has been fortunate enough to get residencies and is proud to represent Submliminal Recordings, The DNBLAB, Inner Face Audio, Subspace Audio, Hooked Sounds and Limitless DNB.

Beano is a near head at heart but loves exploring every sub genre. A.M.C., Turno and the Born On Road fam are big influences in regards to her mixing style and this has led her to create high-energy rolling mixes. She has also started to produce her own music and has free downloads out on her Soundcloud and also on The DNBAB as it stands – more in the works so stay tuned for those!

    You can find out more about Beano on the following platforms: