DJ Superclaud

multi-genre dj and artist

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SuperCLAUD!’s love for dance music and DJing was born in Manchester in 2003. Heavily influenced by nights at the legendary Sankey’s Soap, and homegrown club night ShortCircuit; Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Tribal and Tech House were the main flavours of the day and a solid intro into the world of electronic music.

Between 2004 and 2022 there was no DJing whatsoever for SuperCLAUD!, who was instead, on a mad multi-country mission of self-discovery (picking up a few new music genres, passions and stories along the way!).

In 2022, SuperCLAUD! become aware of the dance music scene in Brighton and linked up with Codesouth FM. SuperCLAUD! is now ready to make a resurgence and get back on it!

SuperCLAUD! is happy mixing just about anything and enjoys a wide range of styles: Techno, Drum and Bass and Psy Trance making a strong foundation. Not afraid to mix genres, when a tune hits the spot, SuperCLAUD! will find a way to mix it.

SuperCLAUD! is the alter ego of Cloud Pixie, singer/songwriter currently in the process of writing an album. SuperCLAUD! will help Cloud Pixie to create memorable, electronic pop songs. A true pioneer, SuperCLAUD! is forever searching new inspiration in a lifelong quest to bring dynamic, full-power, energetically explosive and truly original Dj sets to dance floors all over the world for people to enjoy.

Peace and love SuperCLAUD! Can’t wait to see you all on the dancefloor!!!!

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