Here are the latest 10 live mix uploads from the Codesouth resident DJs. Enjoy!

Rob Holme

Weekly radio show broadcasted from home under lockdown.

Download here with full tracklist: https://hearthis.at/robholme/strictlyc-house-050620/

. Home.

Recorded: June 5, 2020 | Format: Controller

Drastic Change

Summer of 2020 Liquid selection

. Studio mix.

Recorded: May 22, 2020 | Format: Digital

This is Sonnessa

This was recorded with the UK lockdown in full swing. It was a tense time so Sonnessa decided to try and lighten the mood with some good old fashioned House.

. I recorded thhis live in the Codesouth studio. It first went out as a live radio show but i enjoyed so much and had such a great response back from it i thought it should go up on the Mixcloud too..

Recorded: April 17, 2020 | Format: AIFFs and USB and XDJ1000s


The third day of lockdown. Boris is a twat.

. Codesouth studio.

Recorded: March 24, 2020 | Format: MP3s on Pioneer XDJs and DJM800


During testing

. Lab turned Club.

Recorded: March 24, 2020 | Format: Controller in fume


Testing Plz ignore.

. Lab.

Recorded: March 16, 2020 | Format: CD


People had nagged and nagged me for a mix. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to recording mixes. I hope you havent noticed.

. I recorded this at home in my bedroom. This is my happy place. Nothing gets moved by anyone. Only me. :-).

Recorded: March 22, 2020 | Format: MP3s Pioneer CDJ1000smk3 & DJM800 mixer


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Recorded: March 10, 2020 | Format: hdvehfvvhf gnrjn gjrngvnrnjnrv fcbheyfry


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. Dolor distinctio Se.

Recorded: March 18, 2020 | Format: Voluptatibus volupta


Carl cox held his annual house party in aid of the good samiratans

. Carl Cox’s house.

Recorded: January 16, 2015 | Format: MP3s on Pioneer XDJsand DJM800