Lock In with Kamer

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Thursday 18:00 20:00




Your host, Kamer, crosses rarefied soundsystem textures with ambient soundscapes and multi-genre cuts. He’s invited over 50 guests from around the world onto his Codesouth show including dubstep masters Zygos, Soukah and Subtle Mind. His own DJ sets have appeared across the 140 scene on Shitty Dubstep, Juan Forte, and Bassin Records, as well as ambient environments like Think Tank: A Place for Your Head. With love for videogame and movie soundtracks, microgenres like vaporwave, and dancefloor-focused rhythms, Kamer challenges his own selection every week, bringing fresh flavours to Codesouth.

Catch Kamer live every week at Brighton’s latest underground dub night, Roots Mondays at Volks Nightclub, where he’s resident DJ alongside Misfit, Korda, Mover, Nektr. Range and more (plus special guests!).

Listen back to Kamer’s archived Codesouth shows, including all of the exclusively recorded worldwide guestmixes, at YouTube.com/LockInMusic