About Us

Brighton, UK in 2010 was a known UK melting pot for musical embellishment. But the underground scene on local radio was under-represented so Codesouth was set up to fill a hole on Brighton’s radio airwaves.

At the start, we were a local group of about 15 DJs – all keen to demonstrate our talents to the town, but a platform was required where the community could stay connected to the city’s underground scene.

Fast forward 10 years and we now stream a minimum of 9 live radio shows a day and boast an array of more than 70 individual radio show presenters on the weekly rota. Hundreds and hundreds of artists and DJs have served the Codesouth listeners and built the station in to the dance music brand that it is today.

Our weekly schedule of radio shows organises our radio presenters to provide live radio around the clock to you the listener. Our presenters are currently live from 7am to 2am. We are usually live from our Brighton based studio but in order to provide the best talent we can, we have sometimes set up presenter’s to go live from their home studios, bedrooms, basements, lofts, garages, garden studios and even the odd shed. We’ve also broadcasted live from cities such as London and Portsmouth and countries such as Sweden, Spain and Australia. The show must go on! A primary focus: put out as much live radio as possible.

We regularly include ourselves on the Brighton clubbing calendar and have hosted events in the majority of Brighton’s clubs or bars at one point or another. We definitely want to give a huge shout out to all of our presenters who never fail to give an undeniable edge to any dance floor or audience. We are now at a point where most line ups across our city’s party scene regularly features at least one of our presenters.

We now not only continue to showcase the current breeds of artists but still feel it vitally important to stay loyal to our roots and keep flying the flag for as many of the underground dance music genres, generations and live radio as possible.

On top of this, our website is now the home for dance music content produced by our presenters. Fresh new content such as mixes, podcasts, and productions are uploaded daily.

From the scene, of the scene, for the scene.