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In the late 90s Slikmix was gifted a pair of Citronix turntables and transformed his parents garage into a studio. Starting out with a 6 pack of house vinyl and some random jungle tracks, Slikmix practised the art of beat matching over and over again. Leading into the early 2000’s Slikmix got his debut on the airwaves alongside DJ Merge, securing a regular slot on one of the biggest radio stations in Essex, Renegade 107.4 FM. It was from this long serving residency that Slikmix managed to fine tune his sound and performance. With regular trips to London record shops, Slikmix was able to network with the likes of: Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Cameo, Dizzie Rascal and many more!
By the mid 2000’s Slikmix was well established as a duo alongside Merge with residencies across Essex, London and Kent. Slikmix went on to run a music project along side some of the Pioneers in the music scene such as DJ Swanne, Kenny Ken, Ellis Dee and the Fluent Music Project with DJ DLux in Mile End, London. After taking a long 10 year rest from radio, Slikmix has now returned to the wheels of steel. Anyone still about?

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