Taking over Zahara Bar situated on the main strip also known as West Street in Brighton you can catch the Codesouth family on the last Friday of the month every month. Broadcasting live interacting with the public and meeting new lifelong Codesouth listeners supporters and friends Each session is recorded and can be downloaded here Codesouth Live recordings Keeping it as a free event development manager Darren Carnaby said “Life is hard enough right now we don’t want any more barriers to people being able to enjoy music and have a dance, chat, laugh and indulge in making those happy endorphins we need so badly at the moment.  We negotiated drinks promotions and a prime spot smack on the strip in Brighton whether it’s for a post-work catch up with friends or pre-club cocktail Codesouth has got you covered.

Well we won’t say too loud or we may spook it BUT that means festival season is underway and Brighton has a new must attend event.  Summer linkup is set in a secret location 20 minutes from Brighton in the lush rolling hills.  With two stages powered by Random Audio and Audio-Z, the CodeSouth DJs you know and love plus a long list of new talent this promises to be another legendary CodeSouth party.  Speaking about the summer linkup Darren Carnaby the development manager said “CodeSouth has always been at the forefront of parties in Brighton – in streets during Pride, in restaurants, takeovers in warehouses even sometimes in clubs the only place they haven’t had a pop-up party was in a field” Having secured a licence for 499 partygoers and installing two stages, a food truck village, toilets, souk marketplace, secret garden VIP area, live broadcasting tent and several pop up sound systems around the site we are looking […]

After nine years under the previous management Codesouth is now part of the Purple Daze group. The Directors of Purple Daze have lengthy histories within dance music, promotions, event production, festivals  and also education programmes. Speaking of the acquisition one of the Directors said “CodeSouth has always been a foundation brick in the dance music scene and we want to build that scene up again in new and exciting ways”. Since the takeover the station has started welcoming interns from The University of Brighton, working in partnership with local organisations and also has plans for more of the same.

Back in the early 1990s a new sound was beginning to filter into the music scene with sped up breakbeats, low rumbling b-lines and samples taken from wherever and whenever producers felt like it.  Tracing our way back through these pivotal changes we find one constant.  Roni Size, who would go on to take the sound he was creating across the world.  Don’t get me wrong, plenty of Djs were already flying the flag for Jungle, Hardcore and Rave on a weekly basis in every corner of the globe, but it was Roni Size who took things to the next level in 1997 when his New Forms album won the coveted Mercury Music Prize. The ground-breaking project was a critical and commercial success and contained acclaimed tracks such as “Brown Paper Bag” and “Heroes.” Its release was preceded in late 1996 with the Reasons For Sharing EP, which contained an addictive dancefloor killer called “Trust Me,” which had been tearing […]