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Farsight Mista K9 & Darren Cool



  • Cycles in Tandem

    Cycles in Tandem

    00:00 03:00
    A melting pot of Disco, Funk, House, Jazz, Soul and anything else that fits with your hosts Keston & Pears. Full description: expect a varied mix [...]
  • Autopilot


    03:00 07:00
    Relax. you're in safe hands[...]
  • A very Codesouth breakfast

    A very Codesouth breakfast

    07:00 10:00
    Join me for a very Codesouth breakfast every Tuesday from 7-9am... party house, basslines, big vocals and loads of bloody saxophones.[...]
  • The Clay Lewis Show

    The Clay Lewis Show

    10:00 12:00
    Dedicated collector of all types of vinyl has a real passion for music from his younger days. The show will consist of all types of music from soul, rnb, [...]
  • The Full Range

    The Full Range

    12:00 14:00
    Range will be playing various types of 'sound system riddim' music on the show including Ragga, Bogle, Lovers Rock, Dancehall, Studio One, Jungle and [...]
  • The Nash Tate Show

    The Nash Tate Show

    14:00 16:00
    DJ Turtle with Bass Funk, Party Breaks, Hip Hop and filth. Turtle is a turntablist at heart. he's right into his scratching and cuts. Expect big party bombs mixed and served fresh with a side order of energy and stupidity. This show is guaranteed to make you move your feet (as well as 'nuff' sci-fi, superhero and Star Trek references). Fire photon torpedoes - full spread!
  • Techno Tuesdays

    Techno Tuesdays

    16:00 18:00
    Your weekly dose of the finest techno, brought to you by Kieran Brindley.[...]


    18:00 20:00
    Fresh Methods Crew. DJ's/MC's on rotation DJ's Aplex, Sairin, Siney MC's Enel and Denza Denza. Livening up your Saturday night. Everything from Drum & Bass to House & Bass. We pride ourselves on our mulri-genre show. If we like how it sounds. We give it a play!
  • Farsight


    20:00 22:00
    Mista K9 with old school UKG, house, bass, Dubstep and D&B. This is K9's weekly Multi genre show with special guests from the local underground scene. Expect the best sounds from the Bass world spanning right across the spectrum.
  • Jammin with Jamo

    Jammin with Jamo

    22:00 00:00
    Jamo fell in love with underground music through the free party scene. This love of heavy beats and bass has driven him to push out tunes to dance floors [...]

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