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  • Addected to dance!

    Addected to dance!

    00:00 03:00
    The latest dance and trance music brought to you by John Hollings.[...]
  • Autopilot


    03:00 08:00
    Relax. you're in safe hands[...]
  • Codesouth Archives

    Codesouth Archives

    08:00 10:00
    by Top men[...]
  • Jammin with Jamo

    Jammin with Jamo

    10:00 14:00
    Jamo fell in love with underground music through the free party scene. This love of heavy beats and bass has driven him to push out tunes to dance floors [...]
  • Echosonik


    14:00 16:00
    Drum Tuesdays with Meki Totem as your host. Expect Jungletek, Jungle, Tribe, Tekno. All things with Rave vibes. Creme de le creme of the free party massive![...]
  • Autopilot


    16:00 18:00
    Relax. you're in safe hands[...]
  • The Dog House Sessions

    The Dog House Sessions

    18:00 20:00
    Mista K9 with old school UKG, house, bass, Dubstep and D&B. This is K9's weekly Multi genre show with special guests from the local underground scene. Expect the best sounds from the Bass world spanning right across the spectrum.
  • The Guzi Show

    The Guzi Show

    20:00 22:00
    Guzi's Drum & Bass Show. Expect a 2 hour journey through the full spectrum of drum & bass.  Guzi is a budding producer at the beginning of what promises to be a sterling journey in the record business. Already signed to Sub-Liminal Recordings, Guzi is well on his way! You'll be hearing plenty of exclusives, unheard tunes and classics. https://soundcloud.com/guzidnb
  • If you dont know you better get to know show

    If you dont know you better get to know show

    22:00 00:00
    My show is varied with the different styles i play. Expect to hear, UKG, Bassline, Jungle, DnB, Oldskool Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Classic Trance, Hard Trance. Whatever im feeling at the time is what ill play. Everything i do play though is strictly UNDERGROUND!! There may be the odd special guest DJ or MC from time to time. I love to have a banter with the listeners and maybe to odd discussion. Hope to have your ears soon.

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