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Coming from not-so-drury lane, I mix a wide variety of genres depending on the mood of the day. I’m very accustomed to House music, but you will find me spinning out Garage/DnB/Techno/Hip Hop and other bits inbetween! Whatever makes those ears wiggle!

Alison Love David

Speak your heart and sing your soul

Alison David is a musical medicine woman – a renowned singer writer and speaker who loves teaching people the magical healing powers of their voice. She has a deep love for multicultural, rhythmic, and psychedelic music – as a DJ she gets to play rare grooves as opposed to the hit songs that she sings to make a living.

Djing for over 30 years covering multi genres, disco, funk, soul and everyrhing house. Has graced the decks of many venues across the country and abroad, from 40 capacity bars to 10k festivals. Always conscious to keep the people happy.

Ian B

Tunes from across the ages and spanning the globe for your aural delight

Ian B has been collecting vinyl since the 1970’s, clubbing since the 1980’s and as a lover of all things funk, soul, boogie, disco, jazz, jazz funk, hip hop, brazilian, neo soul, nu jazz, his mission is to share all of those genres and anything that falls in the cracks in a left field kind of way.