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  • robbomarleys dad | 3:05Thats better
  • robbomarleys dad | 3:02Its started coming out mono
  • Log | 2:21Night mate, you done good!
  • robbomarleys dad | 2:17Tune
  • Rudders 3 | 2:17big ups nice one
  • kez innit | 2:14nuff respect, ridiculous set :-) x
  • robbomarleys dad | 1:57Great tune
  • robbomarleys dad | 1:54Its pissing down in watford high street
  • Log | 1:49TUNE!
  • Rudders 3 | 1:04oi oi
  • Log | 1:04:-)
  • robbomarleys dad | 0:03Go on the dj rudders mash it up
  • Captain Wow | 22:20;-)
  • Captain Wow | 22:12Labor on Saturday night should forbidden ;-)
  • Captain Wow | 22:11Thanks for the soundtrack to my renovation works at my new studio ;-)
  • bob | 22:10Masive shout to the hot chics driving the audi in hove blasting out codesouth tunes .....oh yeah baby
  • Babes | 22:06big up leeroy
  • H BOMB | 21:57cmon bruv??? big shout out to H BOMBBB!!
  • patchy | 21:54big shout ot to chele to and H BOMB!
  • patchy | 21:52oh and chele!!!!
  • patchy | 21:52big shout out to leon robin Nathan arann and leon ginge misssssss you!!
  • Babe machine | 21:51Massive shout to all the lads dancing in my front room to ur station robin,Nathan,Luke,Arann and Leon big big up to this station xx
  • patchy | 21:49give me some heavy tuenes! got to make the little conty devon alive witht he sound of musi :D
  • patchy | 21:45loving the bloody music mr dj!!
  • Jadeeee | 21:39Loving the music!!! Can we have a big call out to my mother who's bopping in the car to your station Hannah and amazingly sleepy Taylor x
  • Dan B | 21:15Made my Saturday night! Good work sir!
  • mrlincoln | 21:12Big Up!
  • Dj rudders mc | 20:35Big up
  • Dj rudders mc | 20:31Midnight
  • Studio | 20:31wat time you on?
  • Dj rudders mc | 20:28I'm playing tonight but the bastards ain't put me on the schedule!
  • Dj rudders mc | 20:27Boi !
  • Dj rudders mc | 20:27Yes Danny box
  • Studio | 20:10Care3BeatZ in tha Zonnnne!!!
  • Bob | 20:08No crackles on the mic, it is a bit loud tho
  • Ed | 20:06Easy, happy birthday to Jessi
  • Ed | 19:55Thanks laters
  • Dj rudders mc | 19:47Shout dj rudders me
  • Myko de Psycho | 18:35Bukem was good, place was a sweat box. older djs are usually the most solid, but you can tell hes been creative. Liqified my brain for 2hrs.
  • Myko de Psycho | 18:21saw ltj bukem at komedia last night, this is a nice follow up insti
  • Birdy | 18:21Shout out to my main man Ade locked on in Toronto x
  • Ed | 18:15Nice tunes
  • Justin | 17:38Loving this tune man!
  • Myko de Psycho | 17:35still with you , beat for beat. sweet techno smoothing by brain functions
  • Justin | 17:28Love the dark bassline
  • mrlincoln | 17:24Nice Tune!
  • Justin | 17:12Not hit enough :-P
  • Justin | 17:12Love this tune!!!
  • Myko de Psycho | 16:45Nice. Had a psychedelic night out last night so it sounds faster somehow.
  • Captain WoW | 16:43125 ish