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Born in a small Sussex village to a Hippy parent in 1980, gave me a unique start in life, to say the least. Times were hard at some points, but the music was always booming out of the hazy smoked-filled lounge. The people were always interesting, along with spending a week in the summer holidays at Glastonbury Festival every year all added to the eclectic mix of culture, sounds, and freedom to grow and develop my character.
There was always vinyl on the record player at home and I was taught at a young age the importance of looking after your sound and respecting the art that went into the process and the artwork that enveloped it to protect the precious music inside.
I can’t be more grateful for the music I was brought up on and the cultural journey that it lead me to take as an artist.

By 1992 I was fully into dance and rave music, especially after I heard SL2 ON A  Ragga Tip,

I was converted!

Fast forward a few years, along with a few friends from school and a dream,
I started mixing and playing Hardcore, but as the scene grew it became a bit harder, more of a techno bouncy sound rather than the skippy beats I liked which is when I started to move direction. I honed my skills in the Drum & Bass /Jungle scene learning a lot about cutting and chopping tunes together rather than the basic mixing I had been used to before.
By this point, I had left school and had lived in London for a few years when I discovered UK Garage, it was a new vibe of music leading to a more soulful funky way of mixing with almost an emotional energy.
I couldn’t wait to turn 18 so I could play in a real nightclub, thanks to the legendary Eddie Craig of The Wideboys fame this was the beginning of my club DJ career. This lasted for many years in sunny Bognor playing UK Garage with some of the country’s biggest names in the scene.

I remember not having a solid name at that point and went on the flyers as Dj Sam, as time went on I developed a more unique name and Dj Fibz became my tag.
I still have a massive love for Garage and House music which continues as I’m always on the chase for fresh new music for my monthly radio shows on Codesouth FM and EXT Radio.
I got into music production in about 1999 at a local studio which was like a pay-and-play situation, very dance music led with an in-house production team to show you the ropes.

Big up all the crew at Airtight Studio.

I have worked with many different styles of artists and music genres over the years and some of my music has led to great success while some has never made it off my hard drive.

I released my first solo project as DVS DUB in 2016, a 3 track EP on all major platforms.
So in a nutshell, my Dj career has spanned nearly 30 years, playing all over the country, and has now seen me grow into an open-format Dj with management from MMS (Music Management Solutions) one of the country’s largest agencies.

I always try and play various styles of music that all fit nicely into a pitched-up tempo to bring an energy you can always expect from my sets…

Hope you enjoy my music please share the love and tell your friends …

Sam Anglo

Dj sam Anglo on Codesouth Radio wears a limited edition cap and loves graffiti artwork


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