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Dj Chang Man of the tiger claw clan is the best unsigned dj in the south.

Alejandro Lopez a.k.a AndroAle started to play when he was 15 back in Malaga, his hometown. After being a resident Dj there, he decided to expand his limits and came to live to England where he’s been playing in several cities as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Brighton eventually. On August 2022, he found a home at the Codesouth Radio Station where he mainly plays Tech-house but his musical taste and experience gives him the ability to play lots of different genres.


That Rocker Dude should come with an Extreme Bass Warning

Deaf Hard of Hearing Dj, RockerfaRi, plays genres such as drum & bass, reggae, jungle and is a Multi-genre house party Dj. He’s been helped and trained by some of the best in the game, such as: King Tafari Love Muzic Sound System, Roughman Connections, The Aces Crew. RockerfaRi has also played at some huge festivals like Glastonbury but is no stranger to underground free parties, illegal raves and small clubs. RockerfaRi is part of the Deaf Rave Collective and associated with The Aces Crew. He just recently joined the Codesouth Family and is looking forward to bigger and better gigs in the near future.

Mynx is a dynamic and versatile artist hailing from SE London, with her base in the vibrant music scene of Brighton. With a profound passion for music, Mynx is recognised for captivating audiences with her eclectic DJ sets and commanding presence as an MC. Her musical prowess spans across various genres, showcasing her talent in drum and bass, Grime/140, and UKG. Having made her mark in the UK music scene, Mynx has performed at renowned venues throughout the country. Brighton holds a special place in her career, where she has become a local sensation as both a DJ/MC and an event organizer. Under her visionary brands, Merkury Music and Powerhouse Productions, she has curated unforgettable experiences, bringing together music enthusiasts from all walks of life. Mynx’s affiliation with Volks nightclub and her regular appearances at Concorde 2 have solidified her presence in Brighton’s nightlife. Notably, she has graced the stage for prestigious events such as Breakin Science, sharing the spotlight […]