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Nick T has been DJ-ing since the age of 13, and started being paid to do it the day after his 15th birthday. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have been involved with music and clubs his whole adult life – from DJ-ing to handling PR & promotions for major artists, from playing small bars and restaurants to playing huge and iconic venues, from running sound and light to promoting successful events – and occasionally having a hit record on the way. As much at home playing a chilled sub 120 beach set as he is playing in a cocktail bar or banging out twisted funk at a major event, Nick’s music tastes are as widespread as his experience. He is constantly looking for new music in a wide range of styles, and is excited as much by a new Lila Downs or Music For Dreams album as he is by the latest from Hotmood, Chewy Rubs, or Louie Vega. He’s known for being able to read a crowd and take the music in the right direction as the dynamic changes – which might explain why he’s also known for never playing the same set twice. His ethos is simple – to play great music as well as he can, and to make people happy.

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