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Resident at MTV Cribs, Founder of the exclusive Shovel Gang Club, Trainer and Tattoos Collector, World Traveller and Vodka Conessier.....


10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Cant Live Without You


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  • Q

    Which town/city do you call home?

    Ans:Brighton & Hove

  • Q

    What influences have shaped your musical tastes?

    Ans:Motown, SKA, Disco, to name afew

  • Q

    How long have you been collecting music?

    Ans:36 years

  • Q

    Favourite genre/genres you enjoy the most to play? Why?

    Ans:Trance and Disco House depending on my mood

  • Q

    Interesting fact about yourself?

    Ans:Recently turned down TV show celebrity's go dating

  • Q

    Favourite party you went to?

    Ans:MTV Cribs

  • Q

    Top 3 record labels?

    Ans:Anjunabeats, Defected, Hed Kandi

  • Q

    Top 3 record producers?

    Ans:A&B, Dosem, Hed Kandi

  • Q

    Top 3 nightclubs?

    Ans:Privilage Ibiza, Honeyclub Brighton, The Cross London

  • Q

    Favourite dance move?

    Ans:Imaginary towel between legs hahaha..........ill have to show you

  • Q

    Vinyl or MP3?

    Ans:mp3 now

  • Q

    Technics or Pioneer?


  • Q

    Traktor or Serato?

    Ans:6 of one half dozen of other

  • Q

    Berlin or Ibiza?


  • Q

    Brighton or Hove?


  • Q

    Favourite movie?

    Ans:Football Factory and Gladiator

  • Q

    Favourite food?

    Ans:Asian Fusion

  • Q

    Favourite drink?

    Ans:Strawberry Daquiri at a beach club

  • Q

    Favourite car?

    Ans:Pagani Zonda

  • Q

    Favourite President?

    Ans:Bill Blow Job Clinton for comedy value alone

  • Q

    Coke or Pepsi?


  • Q

    Cadburys or Galaxy?


  • Q

    Cowboys or Indians?

    Ans:Depends what i need them for hahaha, rounding up cattle or making me a pair of mocasans

  • Q

    Tupac or Biggie?


  • Q

    Messi or Ronaldo?