Eliza Pink

The Healing Power of Music and Beats

Eliza Pink shows


One of my favourite things to do has always been listening to music and discovering new tracks. This has been the case for as long as I can remember! Before I started DJing I used to spend hours every week trawling record shops and then later the internet and finding exciting new tunes and mixes to play for my friends at parties. Looking back, I always wanted to play music for people – it was in my heart. During the past few years life has really expanded for me as a DJ and I am now playing regularly at nights @ Coast, Worthing – often with my girlfriend Tor Lloyd – such as All 4 Love (a collab with me, Tor and our friends Tom Larkins and Lee Payne), Queens of House and Beats on the Beach (both hosted by Lizzie Curious), Girlflix (a brilliant lesbian and queer female event) and I / we have also been invited to play at various other events including “Addictive” (with Cano B also from Code South), Bad Dog (with Xarnder Simon and Nick Hook), and Sitting Pretty with Leo Sicilia. Last year myself and Tor Lloyd opened up Worthing Pride which was such an incredible experience, and this year Tor and I also have our monthly “Sundaze Terrace Sessions” at Coast (3rd Sunday of the month generally) during the summer, playing balearic beats and chilled out tunes – as well as various All 4 Love, Beats on the Beach and GirlFlix events coming up soon! I love to play a mixture of old and new tunes – ranging from fresh and funky beats to beautiful and soulful sounds that make you feel great. Ultimately if it makes me feel good or want to dance, I will want to share it! I often love to go deep and tribal, bringing people together with the healing power of music and beats. Other times I go for hands in the air, uplifting tunes that make you want to whoop! Oh and I also love a good remix or an excellent mash-up. Ultimately I love to take you on a journey that will lift your spirits and allow you to dance your cares away! Come and join me / us!

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