CodeSouth.FM Artists

Cano B has been passionate for all things House for over 20 yrs, leading to his long term residency at Funkagenda Bristol & more recently, the founder of Addictive Beats in Worthing.

This genre-hopping Brighton based DJ will tear up the airwaves with anything from 70’s disco to acid techno. She isn’t afraid to mix it up and try something new. Charlene From Neighbours chases dopamine through music so you can guarantee there will be tunes that itch your brain and make you feel good.


Passionate underground fierce and energetic

I am an easy going Industrial hard techno artist. Play most styles techno, hard house and hard trance to chill beats

Selector of dance floor weapons, DJ, Producer, Radio personality, Event promoter and Tastemaker just about scratches the surface. A DJ since the age of 15, Daddystreet’s passion for music hasn’t changed one bit as his career becomes more successful. His unique mixing ability and handpicked selection is renowned for providing an electric vibe for clubbers and radio listeners across the World.  


House & Garage, Soulful House, AfroHouse and Mainstream House

An East London born & bred DJ, came up in the game with influences from the Junglist, drum & bass scene. As a radio DJ in the later years off life joined the online radio community playing soulful house, afro beats alongside House & Garage with UNITY, Peace & Love being the focal message.

Davey B

DJ, Artist and Producer.

Since finding old 60’s soul records in the loft when he was 13 years old, DJDaveyB has been playing out in clubs since he was 17. Holding down residence in underground clubs in Brixton London, he’s performed around the world in some of the finest locations. Now based in Brighton & Hove he has a residency for the Ivy Asia group and is a resident DJ for Summertime Live festivals.

Dj Chang Man of the tiger claw clan is the best unsigned dj in the south.

DJ Lewe

Disco house loveliness

Lewe has been playing for 20 years, his style is Disco House with a sprinkle of RnB and funk vibes. He loves playing at the bars and clubs on Brighton beach and the city influences his music.

DJ Superclaud

multi-genre dj and artist

SuperCLAUD!’s love for dance music and DJing was born in Manchester in 2003. Heavily influenced by nights at the legendary Sankey’s Soap, and homegrown club night ShortCircuit; Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Tribal and Tech House were the main flavours of the day and a solid intro into the world of electronic music. Between 2004 and 2022 there was no DJing whatsoever for SuperCLAUD!, who was instead, on a mad multi-country mission of self-discovery (picking up a few new music genres, passions and stories along the way!). In 2022, SuperCLAUD! become aware of the dance music scene in Brighton and linked up with Codesouth FM. SuperCLAUD! is now ready to make a resurgence and get back on it! SuperCLAUD! is happy mixing just about anything and enjoys a wide range of styles: Techno, Drum and Bass and Psy Trance making a strong foundation. Not afraid to mix genres, when a tune hits the spot, SuperCLAUD! will find a way to mix […]